Where Have I Been?

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I have been out of the picture lately. So I wanted to take this time to let you all know what has been going on and all of that.

First off, I have been extremely busy assistant designing for a theatre production that opened in October. I also had a bunch of work to do that involved studying my butt off! I didn’t get as great of grades as I wanted but I passed with two A’s, one B and three C’s. *Note to all college students* Work towards school first, the rest can wait, including partying it up.

Shopping? Yes, I am definitely still shopping and buying items that I probably don’t need at the moment but I have stated this before and I will only be reviewing items or bringing them up after using them for months rather than a couple of days and then reviewing based on that short amount of time. So fret not! Also, there will be a post tomorrow on all the products that I have absolutely loved this year.

I have an instagram! @fleetingmermaid if you would like to follow me and my pictures of mermaids, nails, art, and occasional food.

Speaking of @fleetingmermaid, I also have a personal blog: http://fleetingmermaid.wordpress.com if you would like to read a more personal blog but be warned that there is a mass amount of inner turmoil but I am still working on it!

Tomorrow may be my last post tomorrow but I wanted to tell you all now that I appreciate you stopping by to read a review or finding something interesting that you enjoy!


Birthday Shopping…ONLINE

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here and I will admit that I got a little addicted to online shopping, only because it is my birth month. Let me tell you what I got so far ;]. I got my $20.00 Vera Bradley coupon late last month (you can sign up with them in a store and they send you a birthday coupon!) and I saw my Metropolitan bag in Call Me Coral online since it is a retired print. I have a wristlet, zip ID case, Rachel, and Tote in Call Me Coral, now I have this wonderful travel bag!

I also have been looking on Rue La La which is a wonderful site where you can get name brand things for a steal! I am not a huge person on name brands, I normally look for things I like and I found two beautiful items that I didn’t know ended! I have $30.00 credit, don’t ask me how, I don’t know. The two items I wanted are by Armita Singh and they were awesome, a teal coral branch necklace and tote in a teal and coral color.

A few days ago I just purchased a pair of boots off of ShoeDazzle for only $7.44 (including shipping!). The boots I wanted were originally $49.95 and then had a 50% off of 50% which took off about $36 or so. I also had a $10.00 credit for being a first time customer and that made my total $7.44!!! How awesome is that?! I am hoping to get my boots soon :D.

Pictures to come once I get my boots. My lovely Metropolitan bag is sitting in its box right now.

Shopping Monologue: Holiday Makeup

Holiday Break Makeup


Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I wanted to tell you all about the products that I used the most during my holiday break. I left out one on accident but it is my CoverGirl Pro-lining eyeliner, it is discontinued as far as I know.

List of Products:

1 CoverGirl Nature Luxe Foundation in 310 Flax

2 Cailyn Gel Eyeliner in Black

3 Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes in Very Black

4 NB Mineral Blush in Pink

5 Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Blush in Innocent Flush

6 Love and Beauty Blush and Highlighter in 02 Peach

7 L.A. Colors 6 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Precious

Because I used these products the most, I will be doing a review of them in my new format. I know that I have done some of the products listed already but I feel as though this will help as those are months to a year or two older. You are welcome to refer back to my older posts about the products if they are on this blog, just so you can see what time has brought up that I never noticed before.


Shopping Monologue: After Christmas

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I had a lot of fun shopping through all the deals yesterday! Let’s get into it! The places that I went to were Target, Kirklands, A.C. Moore, Big Lots, JCPenney, CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart.

First stop, Target, and it was rather hectic near the lights since lights are the most popular to be bought. My parents were more into getting the lights, I just really love the jelly clings that you can put all over the house. Afterwards, we went to Kirklands because a new one opened up close to where I live and it is always a joy to be  there. I didn’t buy anything but I plan on going back to get something nice probably. A.C. Moore was rather simple because there were no window clings but they had these amazing recyclable  large bags that you can use for a group of presents for $1.20 and a pair of two recyclable bags for $0.80.

Big Lots was the point I was losing a bit of steam but I pushed forward and got the cutest little solar power rooster that moves its head left and right! So cute!

After that, there was a small break and I took a power nap and woke back up and we all went to JCPenney to find some goodies. I bought a large tote bag and wallet that matched for my sister.

CVS and Walgreens made me a little upset because of how much of different prices there are. There was a Rimmel foundation that I told my mom to get because she was running low and at CVS it turned out to be $2.50 while at Walgreens it was on sale for $1.29! How crazy is that?! So, we are returning the CVS one.

Finally, Walmart was extremely empty at the Christmas section as in people, the things that they had on sale were okay. So, guess what? We left with nothing. A bit of a shocker since normally there is something.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this monologue! A few more days until you can get the full experience of this blog as it has changed in post content and I am a bit more in depth :]

Shopping Monologue: FREE JCP and an AWESOME Hello Kitty Palette

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this palette was in the clearance section, waiting for me at Sephora! Today I went with my mother and we ventured into JCP. I looked around JCP just for fun and all of the clothing I had picked did not fit me. However, the mass of bras that I took with me to the dressing rooms (mass meaning about eight or nine), I got three of them. I bought a neon bandeau, pink/purple tiger print on white bandeau, and a pink/blue bra. I love all three and got them for free! I had coupons so I got them for free!

The last thing my mom and I looked at was Sephora. I recently have gotten addicted to Sephora because there is a clearance section. Today I found the palette that you see above and it looks amazing! I will let you know now that the skin color and dark plum brown look matte and the pink seems to be a matte but could be another finish. The green is shimmery and possibly has glitter as well. The blush is beautiful with houndstooth and the darker pink is glittery.

I am hoping that this palette goes well!

See you next time!

Shopping Monologue: Ulta <3

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I recently went into Ulta to return a hair straightener and to get new face products! The reason I returned my hair straightener was not that it was not good, I never even tried it, it was because there was a scratch on the plate. I know, something so minute and I returned it, but I don’t like when I buy something new that it is scratched already.

Anyway, I bought two clean and clear products and some of you may know that I am a huge fan of most of their products. I have to say that I have tried possibly more than half of their products. On this run to Ulta, I got the clean and clear morning burst detoxifying facial cleanser. I currently am using the shine control cleanser and wanted to try another in the line of morning burst. I also repurchased the clean and clear advantage oil absorbing cream cleanser since it is has done wonders to my skin, minus a little dryness.

My last item is a favorite of mine which is the eos lip balm in sweet mint and it is so good! If you get the chance to try an eos and don’t want a fruit flavor, go with the sweet mint.

Black Friday ROCKS!

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and this is late, but black Friday was a bittersweet experience. I have to say that I am disappointed that stores would actually open up on Thanksgiving day. However, I did go Thanksgiving night because my sister had to work on black Friday.

Black Friday deals were out and about and people were packing into the store, mainly into the electronics department where everyone was neck to neck trying to get a certain item. I was, at first, nervous as I do not like tight knit spaces, but once I was on a roll, I made my mark and got everything I wanted…minus Little Big Planet 2.

The only beauty items I got this black friday were from e.l.f. and they were only $2.70 each. I got oil blotting sheets that came in a three pack with fifty in each container which means 150 sheets in total for only $2.70. In case you don’t know what oil blotting sheets are, they are small thin sheets that you can use to blot away oils that have built up on the surface of the skin. The second thing I got had two eye shadows and a primer. The shades in the package are naughty and nice, really cute names for the holiday.

I hope that you all had a good black Friday experience!

Shopping Monologue: Tax-Free Shopping

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and I seriously thought that everyone had tax-free shopping but apparently that might not be the case? I don’t know but recently I had a wonderful time tax-free shopping and went to two malls which was overwhelming. I am totally out of shopping for whole days. I used to do that a lot and now I don’t because I am off in college and all.

If you don’t know what tax-free shopping is, it is when back to school items/clothing/and a few other things that are tax-free. It is absolutely great when you buy things!

I went to Books-A-Million, Forever XXI, Rue21, Charlotte Russe, JCPenney, and the norm like Wal-Mart and Harris Teeter. Definitely fun and I will be talking more in another Shopping Monologue about the stores I went to :].

Shopping Monologue: I Have a Confession to Make…

I shop for makeup WAY too much! I need to stop, right? I actually haven’t been wearing makeup at all this whole summer and that has taught me that the makeup I have is going to be dead weight unless I use it. So, I am literally going to do the Pan 20. I think that it is what it is called. I plan on not buying makeup and even if it is on sale, nail polish included, I will not buy it. I really need to get rid of my makeup by using it. Having exceptions makes me justify things that I really don’t need…so, come on this makeup journey with me and let’s hope I don’t falter!!