Review: Benefit Coralista Blush

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and I have to say that this blush is amazing and I love it but I am going to be honest and let you all know what to expect from this blush since it is on the higher end of makeup.

Packaging: I have to say that this little box is really sturdy. Yes, it is cardboard but it definitely holds the product well. It comes with a brush that is not sitting on top of the blush, there is a plastic protector that cubbies the brush nicely and the brush feels so good!! I also like that it has a mirror but I wouldn’t say it is the most practical mirror since it is so tiny.

Durability: I have noticed that it lasts all day and it definitely keeps a nice glow on my skin.

Pigmentation: I would have to say that this is medium pigmentation and better for people with really light skin. I am Asian and am relatively light but I have red undertones so this blush and the redness on my cheeks tend to blend and the product doesn’t show its true color. However, the redness on my skin has gone down and I love the color pay off when there is no other colors interferring with this blush.

Budget: Coming from the Sephora website: $28.00. Now, I just looked and they have a lip and cheek kit which is also $28.00 so that is a pretty good deal. It doesn’t look like a full size kit but it definitely is good if you want a variety of items.

I honestly bought this because of the name and I have no shame but I have also seen it used in multiple makeup tutorials and loved the payoff on the whole look. So, I would say that you should definitely look at all of the benefit blushes and choose one that suits you best because I think that these blushes are a splurge but one I will probably make in the future.


How to Shop: Ulta

Ulta is a place where high end meets drugstore. I love Ulta and all that it comes with. I find that when you first go to Ulta, you don’t have to buy anything, but just venture and go through everything. Look around and don’t worry about having to be pressured to buy anything. I like to map out where everything is and it makes shopping at Ulta so much easier because you don’t have to worry about being dragged into another area and worried to buy something. If you like high end products more, Ulta has a great selection, not as many as Sephora. I really like clearance at Ulta and even though it is hard to pick some of the stuff because it is already opened, I love buying nail polish. I find that there is clearance O.P.I., Essie, and a few others that are on clearance for affordable prices.

What you should know about Ulta right now is that they are pricier in the drugstore department. Anything you can buy at Walmart or Walgreens, or wherever, Ulta will generally be a few cents to a few dollars more. I don’t know why that is but I buy from there because I  am part of the rewards program which is really good. If you get a certain amount of points, you get rewards such as $3.50 off a purchase or a free perfume, depending on how much you shop there. $1.o0= 1 point. Sometimes they have double points or more, depending on if it is for all purchases or for certain items.

Overall, Ulta is a great place to shop at and the people are generally really nice and helpful and don’t mind to give you their assistance. I recommend that you go at least once.