Jessie J

I figure that using this image will help you staying on trend as well as making a statement on Halloween!


$22.00 online at Ulta which is a bit pricey if this is a one time thing, but if you are a person who wears makeup daily or often, this is perfect!

A swatch of L.A. Colors lipstick in Frozen Berries which I love and own. Only $1.00 at Dollar Tree and a great dupe for Jessie J’s lips.

About $5.00 at Walgreens and perfect for her smokey look!

Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner, Plum

$2.99 at Walgreens and this liner is for the center under her eyes where she has that bright pop of color.

Now, for liner, I am not going to recommend one per se because everyone has their own eyeliner that they prefer whether it be pencil or liquid. I personally prefer liquid eyeliner to anything else but gel would be perfect to make your eyes stand out. Mascara is the same but I definitely would choose voluminizing mascaras and even false lashes if you want.


Ombre Leopard Print Dress from Forever 21 for $22.80.

Leopard Print Bodycon Dress at Forever 21 for $17.80.

Shoes are your choice as Jessie J wears many kinds of shoes so whatever you prefer on your night of fun!


Classy French Maid

No offense to those of you who like to wear the sexier costumes, I personally do not. So, I know that the French Maid has become a very sexy kind of costume. I have found a few choices to make it a little more classy and it will keep you a little warmer. I will say now that since there are a more pieces to this costume that you might need to spend a little more.


I have options that are at a good length that you can wear out at night if it is cold. Both have belts so you can just remove them.

Mesh Panel Tank Dress w/ Belt from Forever XXI, $27.80. For me, this is a cute dress that you can use because it has a different look with the sheer element.

Scuba Skater Dress w/ belt, from Forever XXI, 19.80

Adult White Marabou Petticoat from Party City, $8.00 and plus size for $10.00. Petticoats add a little oomph that you can use for dresses you find flat.

For the stockings and apron, please know that it is easy to just take white fabric and make your own apron. Stockings are not too hard if you have your own pair but if you don’t go anywhere and get some because stockings come in handy!


For makeup, I don’t want to force any ideas on you. So, I suggest going ahead and picking if you want to do a bold look or a more subtle one. For bold, I suggest a bold lip with intense lashes and for subtle I suggest a nude lip with a light brown smokey eye.


Curly is so cute! I think that if you have curly hair it would look really cute with the outfit.



I would suggest for your base colors to find any gray or silver that is pigmented enough. I don’t have any personally or have seen amazing quality from affordable products at the moment so I will let you choose which ever. However, you are welcome to just use the palette below and build up without a base.

Online for $4.79 at Ulta and it is perfect to build on top of your base colors.

Roll on shimmers are where you get customization because if you don’t like the shimmer that Ke$ha has on her face, you can definitely make it your own by putting your own color, plus you can use this on your eyes, face, and lips. $3.59 ONLINE at Ulta.

You can definitely choose any nude lipstick that you might have. I found this picture online and what I was looking for was Nude Attitude, so you can see that these are all great. Prices vary.


For hair, I just recommend getting a teasing comb, which you can find anywhere. I would tease the roots on your head and make sure that you haven’t washed your hair in a day. I know that this makes Ke$ha sound gross, but it will work out, especially if you just want to be lazy for a few days with your hair. If you really want, get a dry shampoo and clean your hair before doing anything with your hair.


When I think of Ke$ha, I think of a leather jacket. At the moment this is $41.80 from Forever 21 and it is called the Moto Jacket. I know that this is expensive and leather jackets are not cheap. However, if you have time to go to a thrift store, you can get one at an affordable price and it could be work with age which matches Ke$ha’s style.

Essential fall leather shorts from Forever 21 for $18.80. Again, if you go to a thrift store, it will work out.

For a top, you can definitely look anywhere in closet if you have any graphic shirts or tanks. For shoes, I would stick with combat boots but if you can’t afford them (I certainly can’t) I would definitely look for investing in a good pair of ankle boots, especially because they are perfect for fall.

Hope that this helps!

Taylor Swift!

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and you might be wondering what I mean by the title above, how can you be Taylor Swift? For this post, I have actual dresses that you can click the link.


I have it has the title of the dress and price.

Floral Collar Dress:$22.90.


Floral Bodycon Dress: $5.90 it is in clearance!

Pleated Floral Collar Dress: $32.80


Taylor Swift generally has a winged cat eye and red lip, so to keep you on a budget if you have one, here are the products I find would be perfect!

You can buy this lipstick at Dollar Tree/Dollar General and it is only $1.00!

For those of you who are a little liquid eyeliner inept, here is an option that is apparently really good for you. It is on sale right now at Ulta, Nyx Curve Eyeliner for $8.99, original $14.99.

Prestige Liquid Eyeliner, $5.50-6.00 and it is an amazing product. It reminds me a lot of my AVON liquid eyeliner which I love (and they are discontinued).


A tutorial by StilaBabe09 and she also has outfit ideas! So you can definitely find out a lot from her video.

This is by MissChevious on YouTube who was also features in my vampire post. If you want a little more with the eyes and lips, Julia definitely has all you need.

Happy Halloween Swifties!


Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I want to know…Do you want to be a vampire this Halloween?

Keep reading to find out exactly what you can buy that will be worth your money!


I suggest for a palette that you can continue using when you are done with Halloween would be this Stila Stylish In Seoul Travel Palette. It is $16.00 which you might ask why I would put this palette up since it is a little higher in price than I normally review for my blog, but it is perfect for those of you who are new to makeup. If you can see above the shadows, there is a diagram which you can use to help as a guideline. Also, the palette comes with a lip color which you can use if you are going for an extreme dark eye look and want a more tame lip color.

Ulta is having an online sale for these lashes. They are the Nyx Fabulous Lashes & Glue – Gold Digger 209 for only $2.69 (limited time). I suggest false eyelashes because they bring out more drama in your look.

This is from Party City for $9.99 and it is ONLINE ONLY. I recommend that you get online items quickly, not to mention that Part City has a large stock of items that are not sold in-store. The kit is called Vixen Vampire Makeup Kit. I recommend this because it has nails (which you can use or opt for a nail color of your own, vampire teeth, blood, sponge, brush, and eyeshadows.

No need to worry if you don’t want to spend $9.99 for a makeup kit that you don’t want. These fangs are also from Party City and they are only $4.99.


I am posting tutorials for vampire makeup so that you can get ideas and possibly use the makeup that you already have for your vampy look.

This is Michelle Phan’s tutorial which is more sultry and not as dark, so if you are looking for a more subtle vampire eye, this is perfect.

Opposite to a subtle vampire look, MissChevious, also on youtube created this look which I was enraptured by when it had been uploaded.

I hope that this helps! Be safe and have fun!

Essentials for All Costumes!

A wig cap is essential if you are going to wearing a wig! Going to a party, or on a crazy long night adventure of trick-or-treat, you definitely need to make sure that those locks of yours don’t fall off!  Online Party City has a wig cap for only $2.99. If you are not a wig wearer then this is perfect, but if you like to wear wigs then go ahead and spend a little more, it will save you the trouble later on.


Wigs are one of the main things that have a person stand out second to costume. I think that the wig pulls a look together like makeup on a normal day. Wigs are extremely amazing and if you see the picture above, how can you not want a wig that is so crazy it is amazing? Don’t be afraid to be a character for Halloween!


Makeup is huge when it comes to Halloween! I definitely recommend getting a palette (if you are the only one you know dressing up) to go ahead and find the palette that will suit you most. Generally, there are themed makeup palettes that will have the necessities. I recommend if you are going with a ton of friends and are doing each others makeup, to make sure that you get a lot of makeup sponges and eyeshadow applicators so that you don’t spread germs!


Of course, a costume is the MOST important thing that you can get for yourself and if you don’t have the money…improvise. I almost guarantee that you will find something that will suit your fancy.

There are other items that are important to a costume and you are welcome to take these into consideration or ignore, but I think that the basics are better than the crazy things that you might not even need. Halloween is supposed to be fun! Be safe!