Ready for a Wedding!

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and recently I attended a wedding and a two day process overtook my life because I wanted to look the best that I could for the event. So, why not review all of the products I used? Some I have tested longer while others are still new to me so in the coming weeks you may see a jump here and there. Please note that some of the items are more high end than others but I have purchased them if they were on sale or when I wanted to treat myself. I still love shopping on a budget but I do know when some items are clearly much better than others after trial and error. Also, some of these items have already been reviewed so you can go ahead and get some reading done! Now, let’s get ready for a wedding!

Ulta Freshwater Mist Body Scrub
It’s a 10
Bosley Professional Strength Voluminizing & Thickening Nourishing Leave-In
St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub Mask
Soap and Glory Body Butter
St. Ives Timeless Collagen Elastin Moisturizer
Benefit Porefessional Makeup Primer
Smashbox BB Cream
e.l.f. Eyeshadow Primer
Too Faced Summer Eyes Palette
Sephora Cream Eyeliner in Electric Teal
Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara
e.l.f. Studio Kohl Eyeliner
Benefit Blush in Coralista
N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny
Benefit Watt’s Up
Covergirl Powder Foundation in Natural Beige 140
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray
Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray


Foundation at Sephora

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and after watching a youtube video by Missglamorazzi, Ingrid, she mentioned something that Sephora offered which was a Skin I.D. type technological advancement where this camera that takes images of your face in the dark will tell you your Skin I.D.

I gave in.

The full name of this amazing piece of information that will help you save tons of money since Sephora foundations are so expensive is Sephora + Pantone Color I.Q. which is a bit of a mouthful but so interesting.

I got a Sephora associate who didn’t really know how to use it but once she got the hang of it, she took a picture of my forehead, cheek and jawline. My cheeks have a redness to them so she had to find a spot on my cheek that didn’t have redness. My Color I.Q. is 4Y06, and if you take that and go to Sephora, type it in, it will show you all the foundations by all the brands Sephora sells that match closest to my skin.

Benefit? The benefit of doing this kind of thing is that you can now go into Sephora and pick a foundation that is a close match. It will save you money. You can also take that range of foundation color and go to the drugstore to see what matches that foundation best so you can also save money on drugstore foundation.

Lighter? Darker? If you want to go lighter or darker, there is an option to the left side that you can pick and that will alter your foundation shades slightly.

Review: Love My Face Pressed Powder

Love My Face Pressed Powder 241 Light

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and I may in a little bit of a dilemma because I love this product but I can’t find it in store! Any clues to help me out?

Packaging: There isn’t too much to say about this other than it looks pretty generic but it works well and still clasps closed. I have also dropped this many times and it hasn’t cracked or broken apart.

Durability: I find that this lasts a long time on the skin and isn’t too heavy, even in the heat.

Pigmentation: This blends really well into the skin and covers my redness pretty well. I wore this during my brother’s graduation and the only spot that was inflamed so it muted the redness but that doesn’t bother me too much because if I had my concealer I could use it and the redness would be gone.

Budget: Based on the Amazon website, this product runs around $5.98 (including shipping) which is pretty good based the price of other makeup products.

Graduation Essentials

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and I have some essentials to share with you that I think you may enjoy. I recently went to my brothers graduation and literally moved back from my dorm the night before the graduation. Waking up early-ish and prepping for the day I knew I didn’t want to have a heavy load of makeup or anything that would be hard to maintain in case we had to go outside to take pictures. So…here is the list of the items I used:

-Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray

-Love My Face Pressed Powder

-Maybelline Lots of Lashes Mascara in black

-Benefit They’re Real Mascara

-Benefit Blush in Coralista

-Cailyn Gel Liner in black

Full reviews will be coming your way starting this week!!

Review: CoverGirl Natureluxe Foundation in Flax

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and I wanted to share the reason of why I chose this foundation as one of the ones I took home. One reason is because I need coverage and this foundation did okay.

Packaging: I think that this packaging is okay, for $10.00 per foundation it is not the best but it isn’t messy either. I dislike the foundations where you have to shake it out where as this, you can squeeze out.

Durability: This foundation does last all day, but I do get shiny so that is really unfortunate. I can definitely feel the foundation on my face when I have been wearing it for a long time.

Pigmentation: This foundation is a shade or two too light since it is really a pale yellow.

Budget: I do not think that you need to buy this foundation, it is a pass in my opinion. I like it but it is not a great foundation.

My Thoughts: I think that this would be a great foundation if you do not have a lot of acne and have a relatively good complexion. I would not recommend this to a person who has oily skin, like me.


Review: Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation in Ivory 2

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this is actually a pretty good mineral powder foundation. This is my first powder foundation and it is actually a medium coverage foundation. You can definitely make the application lighter or heavier as you please because it is really easy to apply. You apply it with a brush of your choice in the lid and put it all over. I have an oily face and this helps a ton with keeping the shine down.

I would have to say that if you have acne scarring like me, you run through this foundation faster. I have to apply this foundation at least two or three times. I apply it once to get a base all over the face, then I apply it on areas that I see need more coverage, and last I put on my glasses and double check, applying over anywhere else and the neck.

Positive: Pretty good foundation.

Negative: It is $18 but it is definitely a product to try if you have acne scarring.

All You Need: Face Primer

So, this is just an informational kind of post, I will not be putting my own opinions because I have not tried a face primer before, however, if you are looking for some and want them to be affordable, here are a few options. By the way, these are the online prices.

If you don’t know what a primer is, they are bases for your makeup that goes on top, keeping the vibrancy of your makeup as if you put it on just then.

Rimmel Foundation Primer 001

Rimmel Foundation Primer 001: $4

Revlon PhotoReady Mousse Makeup, Vanilla, 1.4 oz

Revlon PhotoReady Mousse Makeup in Vanilla: $5

NYX Online Only! High Definition Studio Photogenic Primer

NYX Online Only High Definition Studio Photogenic Primer: $6

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Original Face Primer

Bare Escentuals: $7

CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer, Serum Primer 100

CoverGirl and Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer, Serum Primer 100: $10

Review: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Light 3

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this foundation is one of the holy grails anyone with oily skin should need and want! I promise that if you have trouble with looking shiny because of the oils in your face are causing you to look as such, look no more! I bought this for $2/3.99 at Old Time Pottery and it is absolutely amazing. I love that my face was matte and it didn’t look like I was a mannequin either. I think that I am probably a shade darker but if you just blend really well it should be fine. To apply this I would get a flat topped brush because a foundation brush will hold too much product in it with the flatness and the bits you will get from the foundation.

I will say that this foundation may bring out dryness if you have any, like from acne, and it doesn’t cover up acne so you will want to have a concealer on hand. If you don’t overapply, this foundation feels light and doesn’t feel like a cake on your face.

Positive: Really great foundation.

Negative: Can make you look dry.

WTB: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid, Old Time Pottery, etc.

Back-to-School: What Makeup Do I Need?

So, I am going to start a small and short back to school series which will be before the fall semester and spring semester probably. I think that spring semester never gets enough exposure and since I am not going in fall and heading into spring, I thought I would do both. So watch out for spring back-to-school editions. By the way, some pictures are not mine, only the ones that say tiffanytheshopaholic on them are, all others pictures are to their owners.

I do believe that getting a makeup bag is important so that way your makeup is not scattered among other things and you can find it easier. It doesn’t have to be a “makeup bag” and what I mean by that is that you can just use a bag that you got from a store or a purse that you don’t really use anymore. Mind you, this is for home and not to carry around so the picture above is something that you can carry to school with you.

A foundtion brush is pretty important but you can use a sponge which worked for me as well. I bought this for $1.00 and it has worked for me well. Sponges also give good coverage and I would suggest gettings those as well if you want to make sure that the foundation goes on evenly and leaves no strokes from the brush like on a canvas when you paint.

So if you have an oily face I would suggest the foundation above. I really like this and it is really good for those hot days at school where liquid foundation can make you look shiny or cakey. I bought this for $3.00 at Old Time where as it is normally $6-8 at drugstores.

I do believe that for starters who want to try out makeup should go ahead and get a small neutral palette. I bought this for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. This is very compact and you can totally buy it at Dollar General too. I really like the colors. This was the first 12 color palette I bought and the payoff is not bad. If you want to be more defined head to the right side where the darker colors are, if not, stay on the left side.

I suggest getting a good eyeliner, black is the most basic but if you don’t want to overpower your eyes then go with a brown. This pencil is by Pro-Professionals and it is in black. I recently learned that black is kind of harsh for out and about but colored eyeliners and brown eyeliners are really good. Black is more for those night-outs and parties, to me.


Eyelash curlers are important especially if you want to look more awake in the morning and to make sure that your mascara accentuates your eyes well. I bought this at Dollar General for $1.00 and it is a good price and works well. I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot on eyelash curlers unless you want to.

Unless you want a false eyelash look then I would go for CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara. Maybelline Falsies are good too but I would use it when I feel like dressing up. Anyway, this is perfect for school because it doesn’t make you look too done up or clumpy, the brush makes sure of that as long as you do it right. I really like this mascara. You can buy this at Wal-Mart.

If you want to add lip color you can but from what I saw when I was in high school most people used tinted lip gloss which is fine. I just always stuck to a lip balm and it worked for me. I really like the smell of this, like a melon candy I have eaten. If you don’t like fruit you can go for lemony which is another eos product.

AND, only if you want to you can get a blush but I didn’t get a blush until I was finished with high school and didn’t know how to use it until a few months ago. I honestly think that a blush would be overdoing things, but whatever floats your boat. I think this is a good start for makeup and if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below. Also, another thing that I can suggest only if you want, and this is mostly for oily faced people, a transluscent powder. A transluscent powder will help keep the oils in your face at bay.

Review: L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup in Creamy Beige

Well, it is hard to give a review since I bought the wrong color! Haha. Well, I didn’t know I was very light-skinned until I bought it and tried it out. I can’t use it because it is so dark but I can say that it is a very smooth consistency and doesn’t seem to weigh much on the face. I would recommend that you don’t buy their makeup unless you are totally positive in what your skin color is. Unfortunately I didn’t and now I wish I had known what I was beforehand. Anyway, it is all an experience, right?


Positive: Nice feel of the makeup.


Negative: Nothing (other than the fact that I seemed to have made myself feel darker than I am).


WTB: Dollar Tree, Dollar General








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L.A. Colors Liquid Makeup in Creamy Beige