Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and do you want to know what saved me from being the Sahara desert this past winter? This is an absolutely life saver. I found this product through a sample that came with one of my Sephora purchases.


Packaging: Two words: Sturdy. Sleek. I definitely love the packaging of this product and it also has a removable lid that will help keep the product inside rather than all over the lid when you travel.

Durability: This lasts a long time on your face and you should definitely feel the effects of the moisture when you are ready to go out and about or under your makeup. Definitely a product you have to let sit for a couple of minutes.

Pigmentation: White and it can leave your face dewy looking but that goes down after a couple of minutes.

Budget: $22 at Sephora which is a bit much but I plan on only using this in the winter since it really does wonders.


Review: Freeman Facial Hydration Mask

Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, and this facial masks does wonders after one use! I had the sample packet and used half of it over the summer and I didn’t notice anything. I used the other half now and even though it was folded down, the mask did not lose its properties to hydrate the skin.

Packaging: I only have used the packet, so I can not say anything about the bottle version (I just thought that it would be helpful if you would like to get it rather than a packet). The packet, once open, and closed with a bobby pin lasts a really long time if you only use half of it at a certain time.

Durability: I would have to say that the packet version is only good for gel-like substances as I have had to throw away clay masks because they dry out faster.

Pigmentation: The coloring looks like a gel-grey color that applies to the skin clear and dries to the skin clear.

Budget: The packet is only $1.37 at Walmart (fluctuating price depending on where you live) and the bottle costs $3.99. I recommend buying the packet versions to get a feel for what they can do for your skin. You can buy the packets at WalMart and the bottle at Ulta.

My Thoughts: This product is absolutely amazing for the winter as a lot of people’s skin dries out. I also recommend this for those of you with dry skin as this really does help hydrate skin. I would recommend two to three times a week if you have the time or every day since this product is non-abrasive and only benefits.

Review: Noxzema Cleansing Cream plus Moisturizer

My mother’s face is very smooth and clean and I wondered what made her have such great skin. I asked her and she told me that she had always used Noxzema cleansing cream. I decided to buy the one with moisturizer in it because I have really dry skin in general and I didn’t know that until I really looked at my face in the mirror. I don’t recommend that you buy this if you have really dry skin like I do because it doesn’t really make a difference. I would stick with the cleansing aspect alone and buy a moisturizer on its own. If you have normal skin, this will be a better product for you. I am on my second container now and I will say that it is really great and smooth in texture and goes on smoothly. For me it doesn’t make my skin tingle in pain but in coolness. Especially in summer, this is a really good product on the face to cool you down when you need it. I really like the consistency and how it applies. I am probably not going to buy this a third time but I will keep using Noxzema because they are a great and affordable company.

Positive: works wells to cleanse.

Negative: Doesn’t really work as a moisturizer for me.

WTB: Wal-Mart, Target, any drug store.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.

Review: Suave Body Wash in Sweet Pea and Violet

This is an inexpensive body wash, but it doesn’t do it for me. This makes my skin itch and my skin ends up red. I have used two of their other formulas and they work fine so I guess that it is either the fact that I am allergic to sweet pea or violet, or both, I am unsure. Anyway, the body wash smells nice, which is a plus, but I will not be repurchasing it and I will be cautious about using anything with sweet pea and violet.

Positive: smells good.

Negative: makes me break out.

WTB: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Food Lion, drug stores.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo