Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I am so excited to tell you about this huge sale Ulta is having! I went there yesterday and a lot of their items are Buy One, Get One 50% Off! I may have gone a smidge overboard since I did spend $40.00 but I got my money’s worth because I waited and saved over $50.00.

I purchased from Organix Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco line and got myself the intense moisture treatment and conditionerΒ and the Ulta Freshwater Mist Sugar Scrub. You can click on any of those pink words to get my full review on them!

Seriously, this is the best deal ever because everything is basically Buy One, Get One 50% Off. I bought the conditioner at 13.99 for Buy One, Get One 50% Off because it is the large bottle and they normally don’t sell those at my regular drugstores. The intense moisture treatment was $7.99 for Buy One, Get One 50% Off. The sugar scrub ended up being Buy 2, Get 2 FREE!!! Yes! I think that was the best deal because the scrub, after calculations, is only $6.00 a piece. Normally, the scrub is $12.00 and it does so many wonders to help remove dead skin without drying you out!

So, now that you have read this, I hope I made sense and go get yourself some amazing products at Ulta! If I was a billionaire, I probably would have bought all of their Organix Argan Oil of Morocco line because I love itΒ that much!


Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I am about to tell you about my favorite conditioner. I have never found a conditioner that had such an instant change on my hair.

Pacakging: Again, like the shampoo, I would rather have the taller bottle so that I could just fit into the shower better. I have also noticed that because this conditioner has a thicker consistency that it is hard for me to get the excess out of the bottle because it sticks to the neck of the bottle.

Durability: When I come out of the shower it is nice to know that the scent lasts and the conditioner soaks into the hair. My hair always feels extremely soft because I use it all over and then let it sit on top of my head, sometimes with the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Treatment (review coming next week!), and it makes my hair silky smooth.

Pigmentation: It is a light yellow lotion-like consistency but is still smooth.

Budget: Runs around $5.99 and the larger bottle runs around $7.99.

Like the shampoo, I plan to purchase the larger bottle. For more information about the shampoo you can click here.


What I Use in the Shower and Out!

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and I thought I would share what I use in the shower. I will be basing this off of what I use in college and not at home since my normal routine is currently in the confines of my basement waiting to go back to my dorm.

All the items listed are the ones that I have found work really well for my hair, giving it moisture and keeping it healthy feeling and looking.

What I Use (reviews will be coming out every Wednesday just like my graduation essentials!)

-Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

-Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

-Organix Moroccan Argain Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment

-St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control

-Bath and Body Works Shower Gel

-Irish Spring Bar Soap


Outside of the Shower:

-Organix Moroccan Argain Oil

-Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer


Thin Hair + Dandruff = Bummer [4 REVIEWS IN ONE!]

Yeah, I know, what a horrid combination.

I have had dandruff since I was about 10? I have used Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders, and Herbal Essences since then. I use, now, Head and Shoulders and Herbal Essences. I do switch between both because for some reason, my hair will flip out and start showing flakes again if I use one for too long, like a month. I personally love Herbal Essences more and use that more often, well, as much as I can with it than the Head and Shoulders.

For Head and Shoulders I use, Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment. I don’t like the smell of it, very chemical based, but it works to help maintain my dandruff. I only use a dime drop, but it spreads out to look like a quarter. I do like how it foams and it stays in my hair for thirty seconds to a minute depending on how fast I need to get out of the shower. My dandruff reduces to little when I use it for a few days, so about four days to a week. This works really well for me since I have really bad dandruff.

Herbal Essences I use No Flakin’ Way which has cucumber and lemongrass and smells AMAZING! I am using it currently and it is the best dandruff shampoo that I have used because it helps me prevent dandruff and smells good so I don’t have to tie up my hair when it smells like chemicals. I found this out after using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration because I thought I needed more oils and hydration in my scalp. Unfortunately, I know now that my hair just has too much oil and flakes because it needs to be washed. I love how this shampoo feels on the hair and it really does work.

Now, since I have thin hair, I use a conditioner from Pantene. It is discontinued now, I think, or moved to their FINE collection.

I don’t know exactly where it is at this moment, but this is their old packaging and I am pretty much out after six months-a year. I bought this with my first bottle of Head and Shoulders Intensive Treatment. I am on my second bottle of that after a long while too…Anyway, this is a really good volume conditioner, of course, I am sure that their new version is better if they changed it. I can’t use it from scalp to tip so I just use it on the bottom half of my hair and make sure to get it more on my right side because I flip my hair to the left. I love the smell of this and combined with Herbal Essences, it smells AMAZING as well.

Now, to make your hair look full and thick, you should probably part your hair to one side or the other and part it as far as you can without showing any bald spots or areas with really thin hair. I started parting it on my right side so that it falls to my left when I got into high school. I used to have a full head of hair, and now finishing up my last year, it worries me that I won’t have enough hair by the time I am 30! But, I am working with it in hopes that it will always look voluminous. I have shoulder length hair and naturally it is straight for the most part but sometimes wisps out. I just use a comb, not a padded brush, I found that padded brushes are only good if you are just putting your hair into a style, but not for everyday use. Your hair will thank you for not using it. I use a comb I got at Sally Hansen.

I use a comb I got at Sally Hansen.I use a comb I got at Sally Hansen. This comb is by Denman. It has three rows of teeth and it works really well. I have the silver one, but I wish I had the pink one, I didn’t even know they came in different colors lol. I personally love this much better and if you have thin hair like me, start from the bottom up! I do like to comb back my hair so that volume is already forming and use my heat tamer spray and then use a hair dryer. I use this to comb after I finish drying, I don’t part my hair until after I have dried my hair.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos.