Benefit Watt’s Up

[Photo credit: Benefit Beauty]

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I feel like this product isn’t talked about a lot. Correct me if I am wrong. Now, all of the information down below is based off of the sample size.

Packaging: Super compact and easy to carry around with you.

Durability: Lasts for a long period of time without becoming greasy or oily.

Pigmentation: I like to apply a good amount because then I can blend it in smoothly and my skin looks luminous without looking like I had just applied it, if that makes any sense. When applying it will look golden. What is so great about this product is that no matter what skin color you have, it will look great on you!

Budget: $30.00. I am not crazy about the price but I will be on the look out for an alternative that is budget friendly! If you have any suggestions, leave them down below!



Review: Wet n Wild Fast Dry in The Wonder Yellows

Hello Shopaholics, Tiffany here, and this is one of the most beautiful yellows I can think of in my collection. I love that this dries fast! Of course, if you have seen some, they dry too fast, but this formulation gives you enough time to apply the whole nail without drying before you can fix mistakes. This is affordable at $1.99 but you can get it on sale sometimes. I would say that this is a taxi cab yellow, I had been looking for a highlighter yellow, but this one works out great. I have yellow undertones in my skin and it balances out my skin tone which is great! I feel like my skin has more life color in them when I have this polish on. the consistency is really great and the polish applies evenly. I have not tried out their other colors but if you don’t like yellow, definitely give the others a shot, not to mention that they have adorable names.

Positive: Great polish and doesn’t dry so fast that you can’t fix mistakes.

Negative: Nothing.

Eyes On Me: Colorful Rainbow

This came from juicystar07 on youtube who I love because she is so quirky and happy. I really love how she made a rainbow of sorts with this tutorial.

I know you can’t see the yellow but it is there. I used L.A. Colors Wildflowers palette (BES433). The yellow, orange, and hot pink colors are what I used. I bought this for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. The hot pink comes out a little red so it will be find and it is a good alternative since I don’t have red.

On the top of the lid I used AVON ultra luxury eyeliner in Eggplant. I bought this $1-2 from AVON and is a very good eyeliner and goes on the lid amazingly well.

For the waterline I used AVON dual-ended eyeliner in blue-turquoise. I bought this for $1.99 and it is amazing! I want more of these but I don’t think that they are coming back into the outlet any time soon. But, the turquoise is the brightest I have ever seen of eyeliner.

I think this is my summer look and it is really easy to do. I can’t remember what mascara I used but any is fine.

Here is the video to her tutorial: