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Fleeting Mermaid

Click the link above and you will be taken to my personal blog and read about me on a deeper level than my beauty blog. I never thought my life would be interesting in the least but I hope that it does help some because I don’t really censor unless it is names so you get to learn a lot.

Swanky Mermaid

Click the link above and you will instantly be taken to my fashion blog where I show you what I am wearing and where I got it from.

The Mermaid Chef

I love to cook and I want to share how I make food! I am not the best chef but I do go step by step in hopes that it will help you make the dish or drink in the best way possible! I also share my Tuesday Treat and Restaurant Thursday every week!


The Mermaid Network

I have all my blogs connected to this twitter so you are sure to be caught up on everything connected to this blog!



This is where you will find artwork/crafty stuff for sale that my sister and her friend and myself started a while ago.


Vlogging Channel

I started this on November 2, 2011, and I thought it would be fun to start vlogging, thanks to Luke Conard, Ingrid, and Joey Graceffa on youtube who are my inspiration :].

Manga Channel

The link above is what I also love to do, but don’t do as much now. I love art in all forms and making music videos from manga scans is what made me good because I did it in a way that didn’t just let the page run on for ten seconds, I put the music for the images and made everything coincide with one another.



The link above is what I love to do which is art. I have my fan art of celebrities and anime. If you can tell from the very beginning I have grown much better. I started when I was 4 and have grown. My first image I believe was in 2006-2007. I was much younger in my ability to draw and have refined what I can do now. NAIL designs included.


I read, a lot, and I like to post short reviews about books and what not. I would love it for you to suggest books and all to me if you find a good read. Suit My Fancy, the third link on this list is where you can find a more in depth review.



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