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What is Happening in 2015?

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Bosley Professional Strength Voluminizing & Thickening Nourishing Leave-In

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Please note that this product has been discontinued but you can find it online for as low as $7.99.

Packaging: Sleek and smooth with a nozzle that sprays easily. There is also a preventative spray holder so when you travel you can put it on and know that it won’t spritz your belongings.

Durability: Definitely lasts a long while! I like to spray this before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning for extra volume. I spray this mainly around the crown of my head because that is where my hair is most sparse. This really does add volume to your hair, depending on how much you spray you get a different result every time.

Pigmentation: Clear.

Budget: Not sure since I bought it on clearance but I think it ran around $18.00.

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

[Photo Credit:]

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and this primer is possibly the only eyelid primer you will need. Not only is this affordable but it works on most skin types.

Packaging: Easy to slid into your travel bag when you are in a rush to get on a plane. The doe foot applicator is really great to apply it onto the lids and the applicator slides back in easily.

Durability: This is really a great product to have with you even if you aren’t applying any eyeshadow. I like to apply this when I am going to do a graphic or intense eyeliner look. If you are sweating or have extremely oily lids this may not be the best but it does do its job for the every day makeup wearer.

Pigmentation: Nude but blends in to the skin easily.

Budget: $1! The most affordable makeup primer ever!

Benefit Watt’s Up

[Photo credit: Benefit Beauty]

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I feel like this product isn’t talked about a lot. Correct me if I am wrong. Now, all of the information down below is based off of the sample size.

Packaging: Super compact and easy to carry around with you.

Durability: Lasts for a long period of time without becoming greasy or oily.

Pigmentation: I like to apply a good amount because then I can blend it in smoothly and my skin looks luminous without looking like I had just applied it, if that makes any sense. When applying it will look golden. What is so great about this product is that no matter what skin color you have, it will look great on you!

Budget: $30.00. I am not crazy about the price but I will be on the look out for an alternative that is budget friendly! If you have any suggestions, leave them down below!


St. Ives Timeless Collagen Elastin Moisturizer

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and my Sephora Instant Moisturizer may be running because this is the best moisturizer I have used, hands down. No, there is no SPF, but this sure does pack a punch to knock out any dry skin you have.

Packaging: This is a 10 oz container so it is larger and will be a problem if you are travelling and have limited space. The packaging is really easy to get a hold of and the cap screws on and off with ease rather than missing a ridge and making it difficult to close it correctly.

Durability: This moisturizer lasts all day, ALL DAY. I love putting it on and knowing that my T-zone, where it is most dry won’t get dry throughout the day. The moisturizer blends in well and doesn’t make the skin look white. You will look a little “glowy” for a couple of minutes but it will set in. I wear this even in the sun which can be a downfall since there is no spf.

Pigmentation: White.

Budget: This moisturizer only runs around $5.50-$6.50! Absolutely affordable and you get a ton for the money you spend. I started using this about two months ago and I haven’t made a dent!

N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in Sunny

[Photo credit: Amarixe]

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and this bronzer is one of the best for those with light to medium skin tone. I apologize that this is probably not going to show up on darker skin tones, but if you do have a dark skin tone and this works, leave a comment down below!!

Packaging: I love that this is sleek and simple and goes in almost any bag. I love that the mirror is a pretty good size so you can use it for touch ups elsewhere. This also snaps closed so you don’t have to worry about it falling open!

Durability: Long lasting! I can honestly say that this bronzer, once applied, really adds shadow to the face without it really looking like you have bronzer on unless you put on a bunch. This is also a build-able!

Pigmentation: Like I mentioned, this is build-able so it can come off strong if you are heavy handed, just keep it light and build it up! What I love most about this? Matte! I feel like it has been hard to find a true matte bronzer, thankfully matte bronzers have come on the up and up.

Budget: This item runs about $3 which is really great for those of us on a budget! I definitely recommend! Also, if this shade isn’t right for you, you can definitely try the other two shades, if needed.

Sephora Cream Eyeliner in Electric Teal

[Photo Credit: ShamIAmGlam]

Packaging: I love that this is small and compact. The only thing I would like is something to apply it with like the Cailyn eyeliners but I can understand how that can be bulky. The plastic is definitely sturdy enough to hold against a fall now and again.

Durability: All day every day! I love that this eyeliner can hold against the oiliest of eyes. I can apply a thicker line where my lid tends to crease and not have to worry. I would suggest, when applying, to leave your eye closed for about ten to fifteen seconds to allow the liner to settle in.

Pigmentation: Bright as can be, you can feel assured that this is not dull and will stand out!

Budget: I purchased mine for about $5 because it was on sale. Unfortunately, I cannot find it on their website so I believe that they have discontinued it. I would recommend the Maybelline studio gel liner as a dupe or the Cailyn gel eyeliners.

Benefit Porefessional Makeup Primer

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and can I tell you that this is definitely worth the money! I have yet to find a primer that does the job like this one.

Packaging: Sleek, modern, and sophisticated.

Durability: Definitely longer than most primers I have tried. The surprising thing is that I could barely tell that makeup was on my face with this and everything else on. This primer literally makes all the difference when it comes to how well your makeup will sit. I have some acne scarring that can be covered up by a lot of foundation but with this I can concentrate most of the primer there and it really evens out the scarring.

Pigmentation: This comes out as a nude-beige so I am not sure how well this blends in to darker skin tones but this definitely blends in well and it feels like a really smooth and light lotion. I used a dime size which may be larger than what most people use but I have relatively large pores so I want them to disappear, in a sense.

Budget: $31.00 which I definitely did not pay for since I don’t remember it being that expensive. Worry not, I will find an alternative one day!

Ulta Freshwater Mist Sugar Scrub



Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here, and there is something about sugar scrubs that I have always wanted to try. I know that The Body Shop makes some but none of their scents call out to me, not to mention that they cost much more. I shop at Ulta frequently so when I saw that they had their own line, I jumped.

Packaging: I like that this is more compact than most but if you are in tight quarters this can be a bit on the large side.

Durability: I love that this scrubs my dry, dead skin away from my body. I don’t think that it lasts, smell wise, too long out of the shower but I don’t lather my body in this since I want to get the most time out of this product and use it sparingly.

Pigmentation: Blue like the sky reflecting on the ocean! I love the pigmentation of this and when you apply it the blue is nonexistent. The exfoliating beads are rough but if you apply sparingly you won’t rub your hands the wrong way if you have hands that break out in dry patches.

Budget: A solid $12 and if you become an Ulta Rewards member you can get coupons in the mail and get $3.50 off a $10 purchase! Sometimes coupons will come in that are $5 off of $10!