How My Armpits Went From Blackholes to Clear Skin!

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I know that title sounds odd but if you have ever used deodorant and then your armpits have become darker or black even, then you know what I am talking about.

I used to use stick deodorant that was solid and it never really caused an issue before. I actually used and reviewed the Secret ph Balanced Deodorant which is the deodorant that caused me to have blackholes for pits. I don’t think that it is the deodorants fault but it is the fact that I don’t need such a heavy deodorant. I don’t sweat like normal people, I generally sweat through my hands and feet and it is constant.

Anyway, I knew that by scratching gently away at my armpits that the deodorant buildup would come off slowly but it still didn’t lighten. So, I did some research and found that a really simple way to get rid of dark armpits is by changing your deodorant to a gel format. At first, I was cautious but what could I lose at this point? I bought one and the change wasn’t instantaneous because of all the buildup but the gel deodorant didn’t buildup on top of the existing blackhole.

I decided to stick with the Secret brand because it isn’t a bad company, the product I was using just wasn’t working for me. Plus, Secret is affordable.

i found this beauty:

Tiffany, do you really need to make it that big? Well, it was already this size, and yes! This is the Secret Flawless Clear Unscented Deodorant. My life saver and I am so happy to have found this. In case you are looking to purchase this, I also bought the unscented version because I tend to react badly by breaking out to scents so I was happy for an unscented version. Now there are a ton of scents but I prefer to stay unscented. When you buy this, don’t fret if you have to twist a lot, you just have to move the dial so that the product can come out.

Hope that this helps!




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