Review: Sinful Colors in Thimbleberry



I love this color! I bought this because I was getting into my coral mood. I really love the consistency of Sinful Colors so when I saw this color I had to get it. I really like the way Thimbleberry looks on my fingers and it is the kind of coral where you can’t consider it any other color which I like because when people say “pinky-coral” I don’t really consider it coral then. However, there are shades of coral that are all its own. Thimbleberry is the perfect coral look and that is what I love. I used this recently for my Britney Spears “I Wanna Go” nails which you can see on my deviantart: I really like how evenly this color goes on. One coat gives off a pretty thick coat on its own which is great. If you want a color that isn’t like another I would consider getting this because I haven’t found any kind of dupe for it.

Positive: I love it and it is so pretty!

Negative: Nothing.


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