Review: Secret pH Balanced in Spring Breeze

I love deodorant to smell nice. I have used many that have smelled good but they have either gotten on my clothes or lose their scent during the day. This, by Secret, is really good. I smelled this deodorant in Powder Fresh and I dislike it! I do not recommend that smell but if it works for you, go for it, it will work the same. I bought the Spring Breeze instead and it came in a three pack, I think, really good, for about $6 or less, I am not sure. I bought it at Wal-Mart. But, works really well. This is a deodorant that I will continue to buy because I like the smell and it is the best I have used. I bought this when it was new a few months ago and I believe there are more scents now :] I am excited to try the new ones out!

Positive: Smells great, works well, doesn’t get on clothes, and lasts all day.

Negative: none.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.


UPDATE [6/12/2014] This product made my armpits darker and caused a lot of issues to make it lighter but I now use the gel version and it works great!


One thought on “Review: Secret pH Balanced in Spring Breeze

  1. chick42 says:

    This is my favorite deodorant and I agree Spring Breeze is the best scent. I sweat extremely bad even when I am cold. I tried lots of deodorants even max strength ones including Secret Clinical Protection and nothing I found worked. This PH Balance deodorant worked by far the best for me. I found that extra strength deodorants feel weird on the skin because they suck all the moisture out which is their job I suppose. But the Secret PH Balance does not feel like that at all. It is soft and light feeling.


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